We have been a prominent supplier to many of your favorite “smurf” / “game selling” websites for years & now we have joined them.
We strive to provide you the best customer support & safest accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy an account ?

Just find any account(s) you like .

Add them to your cart .

Click on checkout .

Fill out your correct billing details .

Select any of the payment methods and complete the payment .

You should receive your ordered products very soon 😊.


You can see all your orders [HERE]

What is the usual delivery time ?

All deliveries are instant .

(Unless we mention otherwise on the product page)

Emails might take up-to 3-5 minutes to reach your email address .

All order details are available in your dashboard instantly .


Sometimes emails might end up in your SPAM folder . Therefore we really recommend checking your email’s SPAM folder before contacting us .


In some rare cases it might take up-to 2 Hours for the delivery . If it takes more than 2 Hours please contact us .

What payment methods are accepted ?

We accept the following payment methods :-

Bitcoin & Ethereum (Automated)

  • We will deliver you the products after 3 blockchain confirmations .
  • Everything is automated .

PayPal (Manual-Verification)

  • You have to talk to us on LiveChat to make a payment with PayPal .
  • We will provide you our PayPal details . Your Payment will get verified manually by out support staff And we will approve your order.

Skins & Keys (Manual-Verification)

  • You have to talk to us on LiveChat to make a payment with Skins/Keys.
  • 25% overpay is required when paying with Skins/Keys.
  • We accept CS:GO Skins / CS:GO Keys / TF2 Keys / DOTA 2 Arcanas.
  • Your Payment will get verified manually by out support staff And we will approve your order.

What details do you guys provided when i order something ?

We provide you the following details along with every order :-

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email ID
  • Email Password
  • Email Login URL
  • Family PIN (Its required for a very small number of accounts)

Why do i need to provide my address ?

We need to keep a record of your billing details to prevent fraud .

We have tried to minimize the amount of data we collect .

You can read more about the details in our Privacy Policy .

My account doesn't have a rank what do i do ?

We check every account before delivery , so chances of this happening are pretty slim .

But if you have received an account with no rank .

Please contact us ASAP .

We will arrange a solution for you .

And please do not play any games on the account .

We recommend checking the accounts details in-game once before changing email or any other details .

Can i share the purchased accounts with my friends ?

Yes you are free to do whatever you want with the products , services & games you purchase from CSGOWarehouse.

We do not limit :-

  • Sharing of accounts
  • Changing of passwords
  • Changing of email address .
  • Use of MODs or Trainers on the Accounts .



However we might void your ability to get a refund under some circumstances . We have explained this in detail here : [REFUND POLICY]

Are payments on the CSGOWarehouse website secure ?

Yes, Our website uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) and our website data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption .

Our infrastructure is routinely patched , tested & scanned .

In addition to that we never store your card details .

We have enforced a mandatory 2-factor-authentication policy for everyone working on our projects .

We also take regular offsite backup to prevent data loss.

Someone stole my account what do i do ?

We create all of the accounts that are sold on our website .

We can help you recover your accounts in case your account gets hacked/stolen .

Contact us and we will help you through the process .

Do you use cheats on the accounts you sell ?

No, We NEVER use any type of Cheats / Mods / Trainers / Automated Scripts on any accounts that are sold here .

All accounts sold are manually boosted & created by humans .

Your issue isn’t listed here?